ARING-PHARMA is a newly created consultancy company with experts in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Germany.


Starting with building-up a market entry strategy we will assure a sustained and long-lasting success in this markets from the beginning and will initiate and follow all steps of the process of implementation of the market entry strategy .


We will look after all necessary steps of being successful in the new markets.


A appropriate re-organisation of your organisation might be a key factor for the success, we are specialists in this field as proven with different companies from the Middle East to enter European markets as well as currently for European companies to enter Middle East markets.


Identifying the right partner in the region is another crucial factor of setting-up a successful business.


We are active in the Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical and Veterinary/Chemical Industry.


But we are not limited to this.


Our experience goes far beyond the Healthcare Industry in the widest sense.






Markus Aring

Our advantages


We are working in this region for many years. Our success is based on our experience and proven success in different fields of mainly the pharmaceutical industry.


We already brought arabian companies to Europe and we are bringing European companies to the Middle East.



We are bringing two worlds together!