Competence in Pharmaceuticals

The pharma market in the Middle East has grown by 34% in the last 5 years with an expected growth rate in the same range in the coming years.


Still most of the pharmaceuticals used are being imported, a huge chance for every pharmaceutical company, provided it start its activities in the right way.


At the same time, more and more countries, especially the GCC states are widening their healthcare and pharmaceutical services constantly.


Different Worlds.


The differences between the two cultures are challenging and should not be under-estimated.


We are bridging this difference by a team of experts from both cultures.


We are of German, Syrian and Omani origin.


All of us have a long-lasting experience in doing business with the 'other' culture, making our team an exceptional composition.


Pharmaceuticals and veterinary products are originally our main field of competence, other industrial competence was added later, taking advantage of the ever present cross-over business structure in Arabian markets.


Beside this we have exceptional expertise in the financial sector, putting us in an position to cover all fields of a full-range company organisation and vision.


Please see soon more under Aring-Consulting for our Non-Healthcare activities. (to come online soon)